Energy Efficiency

Lighting accounts for a large percentage of any building's energy consumption. We can change Modular office lighting, for an energy efficient equivalent, which is simple and cost effective to install, with excellent payback times.

Eco Lighting Controllers

Eco lighting controllers can be fitted at the main incommer, regulating the voltage and current supplied to light fittings. This can typically save 25% of the power used by fluorescent lighting, and can also be used with most types of High Intensity Discharge lamps.

Occupancy Detectors

PIRs and LUX control combined sensors automatically switch lighting on/off, if movement is detected/not detected, or if light levels are reached automatically by natural light, saving up to 30% on energy consumption.

Intelligent Key Switching

Key switches or 'last man out switches' control non-essential services, isolating power/lighting during non-working time, making excellent savings for very little investment.

Smart Meters

Smart meters can be installed in reception areas on LCD screens and/or onto the company intranet displaying energy usage in real time, incorporating lighting and HVAC controls to show energy/CO2 saved.

If you think your energy consumption could be reduced & savings could be made, contact HEC today to discuss your requirements

Energy Efficiency