Freeklime Bouldering Centre

Huddersfield bouldering centre Freeklime gives everyone the opportunity to boldly go up mini mountains (and down again) in a safe, indoor environment. It was our pleasure to carry out all the electrical and plumbing work that keeps this community climbing centre operating.

Climbers of all ages need a bright, temperature controlled space to tackle the challenge of a new wall or (plastic) rock. What makes Freeklime so much fun is that they do it to a banging soundtrack!

We worked closely with wall designers to ensure that the climbing walls were illuminated, but the lights didn’t dazzle climbers. We fitted high-quality, high-level LEDs with anti-glare louvres to keep climbers in control whatever time of day. 

Other words included the installation of:

  • A suspended 35kw Gas unit heater
  • Destratification fans
  • Plumbing works to all toilets
  • Power and data connections to the kitchen, offices, changing rooms and cash desk
  • A connected fire alarm System 

We also specified, sourced and installed a high-quality stereo system to give climbers an immersive experience while on the walls. 

Here are some pictures to give you a snapshot of our work, but for the full experience, head to Freeklime - it’s a lot of fun!