Renewable Energy Specialists

At HEC, we’re Yorkshire’s leading renewable energy experts. We specialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of sustainable energy systems for Private residential and commercial properites. 

We’re renewable specialists, with our trained experts happy to work with you to design and develop energy-saving solutions that save money while protecting the planet.

Renewable Energy Specialists Yorkshire

At HEC, we know that green energy solutions need to save money. We focus on practical solutions that deliver consistent returns and cost savings. 

Our main areas of expertise are in installing energy-efficient lighting, electrical vehicle charging points, battery storage systems and solar PV. Individually, these innovations can improve green credentials and reduce your carbon footprint. Together, they can dramatically reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint while slashing energy bills.

Energy Saving Solutions

Green Energy Company

If you’re looking to cut energy consumption and reduce energy costs, our energy-saving experts can help. We can work with you to analyse where you can make savings, including new technologies to cut energy usage and opportunities to generate and store green energy.

We’re Yorkshire’s green energy specialists, so contact us today to discuss how we work together to reduce your CO2 emissions, cut down your waste and save you huge amounts of money on your energy bills!